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I'm pretending I'm pulling in a TROUT! Am I doing it correctly??

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Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 3 Days 9 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Probably the bad actors. Some ppl just hate and make the rest look bad. Happens on all sides.

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 4 Days 4 Hours ago by: Anonymous

do you actually know any people identifying as antifa ? or you just read some stories on imageboards ?

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 5 Days 3 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Antifa seems to be all about hatred and violence based on other's race or financial or social status. Why does it seem that way? It seems to be a very racist group.

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 5 Days 6 Hours ago by: Mei

It's because they aren't deluded morons who only listen to actual fascists. There, easy answer. I'm sure you bootlicking garbage won't have any more so I'll sleep now :)

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 5 Days 17 Hours ago by: Anonymous

I don't understand how so many people don't realize that.

Re: Go Antifa !

Posted: 6 Days 1 Hour ago by: Anonymous

Antifa are neonazi terrorists.

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