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Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2022 10:30 UTC
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Bucha: Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was Conducted in Town Outside Kiev After Russian Troop Withdrawal
April 4, 2022, 9:58 AM
The Russian Defence Ministry has blasted the "evidence" of a "massacre" in the Ukrainian city of Bucha as a "production" staged by Kiev for the Western media, categorically denying accusations of Russia being behind the civilian killings in the city.
Kremlin: Russia Categorically Rejects Claims of Involvement in Deaths of People in Bucha
April 4, 2022, 9:32 AM
Ukrainian authorities and media have been spreading video footage, allegedly captured in the town of Bucha, showing the bodies of reportedly dead individuals. Kiev blamed them on Russia, while Moscow slammed the allegations, noting that Russian troops had withdrawn from the area days earlier.
German Finance Minister Warns Nation of Looming 'Loss of Prosperity' Amid Hike in Energy Prices
April 4, 2022, 9:08 AM
Last month, the inflation rate in Germany soared to 7.3 percent, with diesel fuel prices standing at 2.22 euros per litre, something that followed Berlin joining its EU partners and the US in imposing "severe" sanctions on Russia over Moscow's ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.
Russia Will Demand a UNSC Meeting Over Situation in Bucha After UK's Refusal
April 4, 2022, 9:00 AM
The Russian Defence Ministry earlier rejected accusations by Ukraine of killing civilians in the city of Bucha in the Kiev region. The ministry stressed that the photos of alleged victims were staged by Kiev to spread them in the Western media.
Sri Lanka: New Cabinet Likely to Be Sworn in Today Amid Economic Crisis Jolting the Island Nation
April 4, 2022, 8:37 AM
The country is witnessing massive protests against the ruling government, including Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, as the island nation is experiencing a tough time due to an economic crisis.
Russian Forces Destroy 3 Ukrainian Choppers in Strike Targeting Airfield Outside Nikolayev, MoD Says
April 4, 2022, 7:27 AM
On 24 February, Russia began a special military operation in Ukraine to demilitarise and de-Nazify the country. The Russian Defence Ministry stressed that the operation only targets Ukraine's military infrastructure with high-precision weapons.
Ukrainian Police Claimed 'Clearing Op' in Bucha a Day Before Videos of Dead Bodies Emerged
April 4, 2022, 7:08 AM
The authorities in Kiev and the media have been spreading video footage, allegedly from the Ukrainian town of Bucha, with the bodies of reportedly dead individuals scattered around the settlement. Kiev blamed them on Russia, while Moscow slammed the accusation, noting that the Ukrainians shelled the city after Russian troops had already withdrawn.
What Will Happen to Hamas If Turkish-Israeli Relations Get Back on Track?
April 4, 2022, 7:03 AM
Over the years, Ankara has stood by the side of the Islamic Group in control of the Gaza Strip since 2007. Turkey has been providing Hamas with financial and diplomatic support, as well as giving refuge to many of the organisation's members.
DPR: Donetsk Militia Seizes Control of Downtown Mariupol
April 4, 2022, 6:15 AM
Over the past few weeks, DPR troops, together with the Russian military, have been clearing Mariupol (the second-largest city in the republic) of the remaining forces of Ukrainian radicals, including the Azov nationalist battalion.
Kanye West Wins Grammy Despite Being Barred From Performing at Ceremony
April 4, 2022, 6:12 AM
American rapper Kanye West aka Ye was nominated in five categories, including Best Rap Album for "Donda", Album of the Year for "Donda" and Lil Nas X's "Montenero", Best Melodic Rap Performance for "Hurricane" featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby, and Best Rap Song for "Jail", featuring Jay-Z.
'I Don't Have to Hide': Kylian Mbappe's Remarks Hint at Another Twist in His PSG Transfer Saga
April 4, 2022, 6:01 AM
Mbappe has been playing a strange yes-no game over his transfer from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), keeping both the French outfit and his reported future employers, Real Madrid on tenterhooks. On Sunday, the World Cup winner was once again at his secretive best as he escalated their confusion further.
Met Reportedly Issues Fines Over Number 10 Party Night Before Prince Philip's Funeral
April 4, 2022, 5:55 AM
The "partygate" scandal started in the UK last year, after multiple reports revealed that numerous social gatherings were held at the PM's offices in 2020 and 2021, despite tough COVID restrictions. Johnson himself admitted to attending at least one of the parties, but claimed he had not broken the rules and considered the events work-related.
Washington Considering More Sanctions Against Russia, Reports Say
April 4, 2022, 5:51 AM
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US officials are considering strengthening the sanctions campaign against Russia amid the latter's ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, The Washington Post reports, citing two people familiar with the matter.
Former Leader of Costa Rica Figueres Congratulates His Rival Chaves on Runoff Election Victory
April 4, 2022, 5:16 AM
MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - Former Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres has accepted defeat in the second round of the presidential elections and has congratulated his rival, Former Costa Rican Finance Minister Rodrigo Chaves.
Jon Batiste's 'We Are' Wins Album of the Year Grammy
April 4, 2022, 5:02 AM
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Singer-songwriter Jon Batiste won Album of the Year for "We Are" at the 2022 Grammy Awards.
Jan. 6 Panel Has 'Intense Interest' in Seven-Hour Gap of White House Logs, Rep. Raskin Says
April 4, 2022, 4:15 AM
Last week, US Attorney General Merrick Garland proclaimed that he and the US Department of Justice are not allowing political agendas to impact their decisions on whether to pursue related criminal referrals recommended by the House Select Committee probing the US Capitol riot, as well as the full legislative chamber.
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Ready for Move Closer to Queen Elizabeth Amid Prince Andrew Concerns
April 4, 2022, 4:02 AM
Due to fear that disgraced Prince Andrew is getting too close to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are choosing to move closer to the Queen this summer in an effort to put the family's skeleton back in the closet.
Two US Navy Personnel Injured in Mishap Aboard Docked Nuclear Ballistic Submarine
April 4, 2022, 3:50 AM
Commissioned in 1997, the USS Louisiana (SSBN 743) is a 560-foot (171-metre) nuclear-powered submarine equipped with Trident ballistic missiles. The Ohio-class submarine's current homeport is located in Bangor, Washington, at Naval Base Kitsap–one of four US Navy nuclear shipyards.
Israel Winds Up on WHO's 'Outbreak Countries' After Spike in Polio Cases
April 4, 2022, 3:47 AM
The rise in polio cases began on 8 March when a four year-old was diagnosed with the disabling disease. The boy was not vaccinated. As of Sunday, there were eight more confirmed cases of polio in Jerusalem, which had initially been polio-free since 1988.
US 'Likely' to Ramp Up Sanctions Pressure Against Russia After Zelensky's Pleas
April 4, 2022, 3:46 AM
Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded for the G7 nations to increase sanctions pressure on Russia for its special military operation in the country and the "war crimes" Russian troops allegedly committed. Moscow has always denied war crimes and emphasised that only Ukrainian troops use civilians as cover.
Hong Kong Chief Exec Carrie Lam Announces She Will Not Seek Second Term
April 4, 2022, 3:09 AM
Since 2017, Lam has been serving as Hong Kong's fourth and current chief executive, as well as chairperson of the Committee for Safeguarding National Security since 2020. Earlier, she was the chief secretary for administration, and the secretary for development before that.
US Deliberately Silent on Kiev Forces' Shelling of Bucha After Russian Pullout - Antonov
April 4, 2022, 2:48 AM
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov says that the Kiev authorities are shifting blame on Russia regarding Bucha, where civilian casualties could have occurred as a result of an attack by Ukrainian forces.
Sacramento Shooting: Police Chief Reveals ‘Multiple Shooters’ Left 6 Dead, 12 Injured
April 4, 2022, 2:35 AM
Six people were killed and another 12 were injured near 10th and K streets in the California city of Sacramento on Saturday night. Police arrived at the scene of the shooting which took place at around 2 a.m. A stolen firearm was recovered, but police are still searching for their suspects.
'Don't Be So Naive': Netizens Divided After Bucha Video Appears to Show 'Dead Body' Moving Its Hand
April 4, 2022, 2:07 AM
Photos and videos of alleged dead civilians lying in the streets of Bucha, Ukraine's Kiev region, according to Moscow, are "another production of the Kiev regime for the Western media," given that the Russian forces left the city on March 30, and nobody seems to have reported any dead bodies lying around for four days.
NASA Postpones Critical Artemis 1 Dress Rehearsal Over Exposure Concerns During Fueling
April 4, 2022, 1:22 AM
NASA confirmed in a late Saturday release that at least four lightning strikes pounded the area around Launch Pad 39B, home of the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket. Three towers and a catenary wire structure ultimately safeguarded the rocket from direct lightning impact, allowing technicians to continue their critical dress rehearsal.
'Now It's My Turn!': Trump Officially Endorses 'Wonderful Patriot' Sarah Palin for Congress
April 4, 2022, 1:04 AM
Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin said on Friday that she intends to fill the "big shoes" left by late Rep. Don Young, who died earlier this year following a 49-year career in Congress.
Spring Break Craze, Tech Issues Prompt US Airlines to Cancel & Delay Thousands of Flights
April 3, 2022, 10:51 PM
As the worst aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to fall away due to vaccination rates, those who wish to broaden their horizon beyond the living room are seeking to travel, and their desire to do so is feverish. The traveling boom is here, but are airlines prepared for their eager customers?
Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic Prevails in Presidential Election, Clinches Second Term
April 3, 2022, 9:47 PM
On Sunday, Serbia held presidential elections, early elections for 250 deputies in parliament, as well as elections to local governments in some cities. Voting took place at more than 8,000 polling stations within the country and 77 abroad.
Pakistan's Supreme Court Halts Imran Khan's Decision to Dissolve National Assembly Until Final Order
April 3, 2022, 9:20 PM
Pakistan's united opposition reached the Supreme Court seeking a reversal of the decision dissolving the National Assembly on the advice of Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday. The Imran Khan government prevented a no-confidence vote to oust him in the fourth year of his term.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Declares 'Great Victory' in General Election
April 3, 2022, 9:04 PM
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was projected to win a fourth consecutive term on Sunday as polls showed that the ruling Fidesz party and its junior party, the Hungarian Christian Democrats, were on track to retain its two-thirds supermajority by winning 133 seats in the 199-member parliament.
Princess Beatrice Shocked to Know Businessman Accused of Fraud Sent Almost $1 Mln for Her Wedding
April 3, 2022, 8:27 PM
It was reported last week that Prince Andrew and his family members received over £1 million from Selman Turk, a businessman who is being sued by a Turkish millionaire he formerly advised.
Sony and Netflix Halt Projects Featuring Will Smith After Oscars Slap Controversy
April 3, 2022, 8:27 PM
Will Smith's slap became the most viral moment of this year's Oscars after the Hollywood star hit comedian Chris Rock over his "G.I. Jane 2" joke pointed at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.
UK Shadow Industry Minister Backs Rationing Gas But Opposes Oil Drilling on Green Grounds
April 3, 2022, 7:00 PM
Western sanctions on Russia over the special operation in Ukraine have recently had negative implications on the European Union, Britain and the US, as households have had to deal with soaring bill figures and skyrocketing gas prices.
Experts: Bucha-Like 'False Flag' Incidents to Continue as West 'Frustrated' Over Propaganda Failures
April 3, 2022, 6:55 PM
Over the past 24 hours, the Western media have been fueling allegations that Russia committed mass killings of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha as footage has shown city streets strewn with bodies. The Russian Defence Ministry dismissed the accusations, underscoring that the footage is nothing short of yet another provocation.
New Ex-Veep in Town? Joe Biden Mistakenly Calls Michelle Obama Former Vice-President
April 3, 2022, 6:44 PM
Just to make things clear: Michelle Obama, who has never been America's vice-president, was First Lady from 2009 to 2017 while her husband Barack Obama was commander-in-chief. It was Joe Biden himself who was second-in-command while Obama was POTUS.
Jordanian Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein Renounces Title
April 3, 2022, 6:44 PM
Hamzah bin Hussein was named Jordan's Crown Prince on his father's death in 1999, holding the position until his half-brother King Abdullah II withdrew the title in 2004. Since April 2021, Hamzah is believed to have been under house arrest.
How Prince Andrew Met Turkish 'Fraud' Who Paid Him More Than £1Mln, Report Reveals
April 3, 2022, 6:25 PM
The circle of Prince Andrew's questionable acquaintances appears to be widening: now there's someone other than the late American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein for the media to busy itself about.
Video: Thousands of Motorists Drive Through Berlin Flying Flags in Support of Russia
April 3, 2022, 6:16 PM
Large public demonstrations in support of Russia's de-Nazification campaign in Ukraine have been held in Serbia, Syria, Lebanon, India and Mali since the start of the special operation on February 24.
Huge Queues at UK Ports, Airports as Travellers Try to Escape for Easter Holidays
April 3, 2022, 6:07 PM
The situation at the ports was exacerbated by the poor weather in the Channel, the suspension of P&O services and the new traffic rules for heavy goods vehicles.
Dnepropetrovsk Mayor Calls For Slaughter of Russians Around the World
April 3, 2022, 4:50 PM
In his Sunday address posted on social media, Boris Filatov, the mayor of the eastern Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk, referred to Russians as "non-humans".
Video: Kiev Territorial Defence in Bucha Given Green Light to Shoot Those Not Wearing Blue Armband
April 3, 2022, 4:38 PM
On Sunday, Moscow denied accusations that Russian troops committed "war crimes" in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, saying that scenes with corpses from the city were "staged material from the Kiev regime for the consumption of Western media."
Trump Warns US ‘Will Be Deluged by Illegal Immigration’ After Biden’s ‘Foolhardy’ Repeal of Title 42
April 3, 2022, 4:05 PM
Officials from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed earlier this week that they are bracing themselves for migrant flows to reach “very high” levels of 18,000 people per day after the Title 42 restriction ends on 23 May.
Russian MoD Denies Killings in Bucha, Says Footage Was Staged For Western Media
April 3, 2022, 2:53 PM
Earlier, Ukrainian authorities claimed to have found the bodies of civilians lying in the streets of the city of Bucha in the Kiev region, alleging that they had been killed by Russian troops stationed in the city until several days ago.
Greek Prime Minister Met With Pro-Russia Protests in Thessaloniki, Reports Say
April 3, 2022, 1:27 PM
ATHENS (Sputnik) - Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, an advocate for imposing sanctions on Russia, was met with a pro-Russia manifestation in Thessaloniki upon his arrival to a forum of the ruling New Democracy party he chairs, Greek media reported on Sunday.
Scholz Reportedly Recommended Zelensky to Abandon Plans to Join NATO Before Russian Op in Ukraine
April 3, 2022, 1:14 PM
In mid-March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his country must accept the fact that it won't join NATO. The statement came a few weeks after Russia launched its special operation in Ukraine to demilitarise and de-Nazify the country.
Sri Lankan Authorities Arrest 644 People for Curfew Violation, Reports Say
April 3, 2022, 12:47 PM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Sri Lankan authorities have arrested more than 600 people for curfew violations, the Colombo Gazette reported on Sunday, citing police sources.
'Don't Say Gay' Row: Shareholder Speaks Against Disney Financing 'Political Crusades'
April 3, 2022, 12:44 PM
The standoff between Disney and the Florida state government continues as the Republican-led "Parental Rights in Education" bill (widely dubbed "Don't Say Gay") was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis in late March.
Taliban Bans Poppy Cultivation Despite Afghanistan Reeling Under Severe Economic Crisis
April 3, 2022, 12:39 PM
Poppy cultivation has remained a primary source of income for the people of Afghanistan as the country contributes 87% of the world's total production. The last time they came to power twenty years ago, the Taliban* had banned poppy cultivation but faced opposition from a large segment of the population.
LPR Forces Continue Fighting Against Ukrainian Troops for Control Over Rubezhnoye – Video
April 3, 2022, 12:00 PM
Rubezhnoye is part of the Lugansk region, which the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) originally declared as sovereign and independent from the rest of Ukraine in 2014.
2022 Grammys: Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Jon Batiste Eye Big Win, But What About Dark Horses?
April 3, 2022, 11:55 AM
After a months-long delay prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the 64th Grammy Awards is taking place Sunday in Las Vegas instead of the scheduled January show in Los Angeles.
At Least 15 Victims of Mass Shooting in Sacramento, California Located, 6 Deceased, Police Say
April 3, 2022, 11:08 AM
According to police spokesperson Sgt. Zach Eaton, the incident occurred in the area of 10th and J Streets.
WATCH: Russian Ka-52 Helicopter Eliminates Concealed Positions of Ukrainian Army
April 3, 2022, 11:07 AM
The strike was part of the special operation launched by Moscow on 24 February to stop the attacks on Donbass. President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia's goals were the demilitarisation and de-nazification of Ukraine.
Ruble Payment Scheme Russia Uses With Gas Will Be Extended to New Groups of Goods in Future - Peskov
April 3, 2022, 10:50 AM
Late last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned if gas buyers from "unfriendly" states refuse to pay for fuel in rubles, Moscow would consider it a breach of contract.
Poland is 'Open' to Hosting of US Nukes, Country's Deputy Prime Minister Says
April 3, 2022, 10:46 AM
The politician also called on NATO to deploy a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine and send the weapons President Volodymyr Zelensky has been requesting to the country. Moscow has repeatedly warned the alliance against such actions, with some NATO member states standing up against further escalating tensions with Russia.
Boris Johnson Reportedly Considers Supplying Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine
April 3, 2022, 9:58 AM
Documents published by UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak late last month revealed that the British government has already given Kiev over £100 million ($132 million) worth of weapons to help Ukrainian forces tackle Russia's ongoing special military operation.
BoJo 'Encouraged Media Attacks' on Junior Staffers Amid Partygate Scandal, Cummings Says
April 3, 2022, 8:08 AM
On Friday, London's Metropolitan Police issued the first fines for breaches of lockdown rules during the Downing Street parties in 2020 and 2021, with the recipients believed to be junior civil servants.
Pakistani Cabinet & Parliament Dissolved, PM Khan to Continue Duties, as Vote to Be Held in 3 Months
April 3, 2022, 7:31 AM
The opposition planned to hold a no-confidence motion against the PM on Sunday, however, the step was blocked as an attempt of "foreign interference", and Khan asked the president to dissolve the legislature.
Downing Street Staffers Missed Partygate Fine Notices as They Went to Junk Mail, Report Suggests
April 3, 2022, 6:58 AM
Scotland Yard has sent legal questionnaires to over 100 people, and decided to fine at least 20 of them, reportedly issuing first fine notices last week for people attending a leaving party for private secretary Hannah Young on 18 June 2020.
Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media as Protesters Violate Curfew Over Worsening Economic Situation
April 3, 2022, 6:38 AM
Around 22 million people in Sri Lanka face a severe shortage of essential commodities, including fuel and medicines. As protesters pressed for the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the government declared a state of emergency on Friday.
Tory Whip Suspended Over Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Cocaine Use
April 3, 2022, 5:48 AM
Conservative whip David Warburton is being probed by the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme, a parliamentary harassment watchdog set up in 2019 following the MeToo movement in Westminster.
Youth Action of Solidarity With Russia Takes Place in Caracas
April 3, 2022, 5:45 AM
MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - JPSUV, the youth wing of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and National Assembly lawmakers have organised an action to show solidarity with Russia in Caracas, Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Sergei Melik-Bagdasarov said.
As Russia Continues Its Military Op in Ukraine, Syria Shows That a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
April 3, 2022, 5:38 AM
Syria was one of a select few countries to vote against the condemnation of Russia at the United Nations General Assembly. Damascus has not joined the West in imposing sanctions on Moscow and is now leading talks that would see the two states trading with each other using their own currencies.
Serbs to Vote in General Election on Sunday
April 3, 2022, 5:29 AM
BELGRADE (Sputnik) - Serbs will vote for a new president and parliament on Sunday, an election that the Interior Ministry fears may be hijacked by pro-Western opposition trying to force a split with Russia.
Kazakh Counterintel Detains 'Foreign Agent' Who Planned Assassination of Country's President
April 3, 2022, 4:43 AM
So far, the Kazakh authorities have not specified where the suspect is from. According to the counterintelligence, the agent had a sniper rifle, a large sum of money, and some drugs.
UK Energy Minister: Britain Could Build Seven Nuclear Power Stations Amid Energy Independence Push
April 3, 2022, 4:19 AM
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proclaimed that it is time for Britain to make "big new bets" on nuclear energy if the country wants to become self-sufficient and lower exorbitant energy costs amid the imposition of sanctions on Russian gas.
Bundeswehr Chief: In 'No Circumstances' Will NATO Send Troops to Ukraine as Kiev Eyes Guerrilla War
April 3, 2022, 4:16 AM
In the weeks since the beginning of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, the US and NATO have made statements regarding the bloc's involvement. All of them boiled down to concerns that military intervention would most likely lead to World War III. Thus, the bloc stood limited to sending humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.
‘Smoky Casinos That Smell Bad’: Grammys Want Out of ‘Gross A**’ Las Vegas
April 3, 2022, 4:00 AM
Due to rising COVID-19 cases, the 64th annual Grammy Awards moved to Las Vegas, a city roughly 300 miles away from its usual hometown of Los Angeles. The show was supposed to take stage at the Crypto Arena on January 31, but will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday.
'Threat to Democracy': Biden Privately Spoke in Favor of Trump's Prosecution Over Jan. 6 - Report
April 3, 2022, 3:21 AM
On the anniversary of extraordinary events, Biden made a far-reaching pledge vowing to ensure "the past isn't buried" and declared those who plotted and executed the siege "held a dagger at the throat of America."
Pyongyang Warns of ‘Merciless’ Response After Seoul Remarks on Missile Strike Capabilities
April 3, 2022, 3:02 AM
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have intensified in recent weeks due to Pyongyang continuing to conduct an unprecedented number of ballistic missile tests, including its first full intercontinental ballistic missile test since 2017. Seoul has since responded by touting its own weapons and missiles capable of striking Northern targets.
German Man Arrested After Getting COVID-19 Jab 87 Times in Scheme to Help Anti-Vaxxers
April 3, 2022, 2:20 AM
The news of the man’s alleged crimes comes months after anti-vaccination protests were held on the streets of Berlin in January, when the German government announced proposed plans for mandatory vaccinations of their citizens.
Trump Claims US Has Reached 'Catastrophic Low Point' Under Biden Administration
April 3, 2022, 2:00 AM
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States is going through the "most dangerous period" in its history, former US President Donald Trump told his supporters in Michigan, blaming US President Joe Biden for America’s "decline."
Death Toll From Flash Floods, Landslides in Rio de Janeiro Rises to 14 - Reports
April 3, 2022, 1:15 AM
BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) - Over a dozen people have died as a result of heavy rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil that resulted in flooding and landslides, Brazilian media report.
Will Smith Just Resigned From the Academy, But What Does That Mean Exactly?
April 3, 2022, 12:56 AM
On Friday, Will Smith announced that he is resigning from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The news comes almost a week after the "King Richard" actor slapped comedian Chris Rock when he made a joke about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia, a hair loss condition.
Pentagon Confirms Guantanamo Bay Detainee Sufyian Barhoumi Repatriated to Native Algeria
April 3, 2022, 12:37 AM
Sufyian Barhoumi, 48, was initially captured in Pakistan in March 2002, and has remained at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba for nearly two decades. Barhoumi did not face trial during his detention, which appeared indefinite until August 2016, when the Algerian national was notified of his eligibility for repatriation.
Iran Deal Impasse Caused Almost Solely by US Refusal to Remove IRGC From Terrorist List - Report
April 3, 2022, 12:27 AM
After eight rounds of talks in Vienna aimed at the restoration of the nuclear deal and the US return to it, on 11 March a halt was announced due to external factors. Among the reasons cited are the consequences of Russia's military operation in Ukraine and related sanctions issues.
Hungarians Head to Polls in Election Pitting Ruling Right Against United Opposition
April 3, 2022, 12:00 AM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Hungarians are heading to polling stations on Sunday to participate in parliamentary elections, deciding whether the ruling right-wing Fidesz party will maintain its dominance or give way to the opposition.
Videos: Massive Explosion Rocks Nightclub in Azerbaijan's Baku, Leaves at Least One Dead
April 2, 2022, 11:48 PM
Although the investigation into the blaze remains ongoing and the details of the incident remain unclear, initial findings have suggested that the explosion was caused by a potential gas leak.
Over 60 Foreign Ships Remain Blocked in Ukrainian Ports - Russian Defence Ministry
April 2, 2022, 11:11 PM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - More than 60 foreign ships are unable to leave Ukrainian ports because of the threat of shelling and mines, the head of the Russian National Defence Control Centre, Mikhail Mizintsev, said.
Investors See Market Losses as Trump’s Social Media Venture Misses Deadlines, Dips 93% in Downloads
April 2, 2022, 10:35 PM
The alternative social media platform backed by former US President Donald Trump has failed to live up to its own expectations amid a series of technical problems and public relations issues stemming from the app’s surprise wait list. The app has observed a 93% dip in weekly downloads since its launch week high of some 872,000 downloads.
Bill Maher Blasts MSM for Waking Up About Hunter Biden's Laptop Two Years After NYP Findings
April 2, 2022, 10:12 PM
The peculiar story about the president's son, Hunter Biden, initially broke in a 2020 New York Post report centered around Biden’s potentially illicit enrichment by taking advantage of his father's high position, among other details of his personal life. As the story was disregarded by mainstream media, visibility was also blocked on social media.
Dog Lovers Beware: Study Shows Cat Owners Are Better Looking and Have More Sex
April 2, 2022, 9:47 PM
It seems dogs have once again been outdone by their feline nemesis, but this time it appears to be all thanks to a parasite called the Toxoplasma gondii.
Blaze at Somaliland Market Injures Dozens of People, Destroys Hundreds of Businesses - Photo, Video
April 2, 2022, 8:05 PM
It presently remains unclear what prompted the Friday blaze to break out as officials continue to probe the incident. The fire, which brought so much destruction to the local market, has since been contained.
Size Matters: Bold New Theory Explains Why T-Rex's Arms Were So Small
April 2, 2022, 7:01 PM
The author of the new hypothesis noted that his and other hypotheses related to the size of the T-rex’s arms may be hard to substantiate, as the dinosaur went extinct millions of years ago.
GOP Invites Hunter Biden to Testify on Cobalt Mining, Cites His Expertise Helping PRC Buy Major Mine
April 2, 2022, 6:58 PM
In 2021, the New York Times reported that the Hunter Biden-cofounded investment firm Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) helped a major Chinese state-owned enterprise with a multibillion-dollar purchase of a major cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo from a US firm. Republicans decried the deal as a blow to the US’ ability to invest in green energy.
Possible Signs of Bruce Willis 'Struggling' With Aphasia Emerged Years Ago, Media Says
April 2, 2022, 6:48 PM
On Wednesday, Bruce Willis’ family said in a statement released on social media that he is retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia - a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate.
Decision on Finland’s Possible Accession to NATO Should Be Made in Spring, Prime Minister Says
April 2, 2022, 6:31 PM
HELSINKI (Sputnik) - A decision on Finland possibly joining NATO should be made in spring, given shifting security situation in Europe due to the Ukrainian crisis, Finish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said.
Feeling Sleepy? POTUS Seemingly Takes Nap During Ceremony For USS Delaware Submarine - Video
April 2, 2022, 6:11 PM
The US president has repeatedly contributed to his dozy image after being caught on camera with his eyes closed on various occasions, including meetings with his counterparts.
Moscow's Support for Minsk 'Absolute', Attack on Belarus Would Be Equal to Strike on Russia: Kremlin
April 2, 2022, 5:29 PM
Russia and Belarus are allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), and engage in joint training aimed at integrating the two countries' military structures within the Union State.
German Leaders Give Themselves Pay Raises While Telling Ordinary People to Tighten Belts: Report
April 2, 2022, 4:57 PM
German opposition figures, media, and corporations have warned that Berlin will be headed for an economic crisis of a scale and magnitude unseen since the Second World War if it joins the broader campaign to stop or significantly reduce purchases of Russian energy over Moscow's military operation in Ukraine.
Activists Allegedly Dig Tunnels to Halt Oil Shipments From Terminals in UK
April 2, 2022, 4:57 PM
The activist group Just Stop Oil reportedly declared that their tunnel move was inspired by an underground protest that halted a high-speed railway construction at Euston Square Gardens.
Iran Marks Beginning of Holy Month of Ramadan
April 2, 2022, 4:48 PM
In Islam, Ramadan is the month during which the Prophet Muhammad is believed to have received the initial revelations of what became the Quran.
India Delivers 50,000 Tons of Fuel to Sri Lanka to Help Mitigate Economic Crisis
April 2, 2022, 4:40 PM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - India has delivered 40,000 tons of diesel and 6,000 tons of fuel to Sri Lanka amid persisting economic downturn and mounting public discontent in the country, the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka said on Saturday.
Sri Lanka Introduces Island-Wide Curfew Amid Public Unrest
April 2, 2022, 4:06 PM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Sri Lanka has imposed an island-wide curfew, which will last until Monday, local media reported on Saturday, citing the Sri Lankan Department of Government Information.
‘We are Not Into Regime Change’: Kamala Harris Backs Away From Boss’ Comments on Putin
April 2, 2022, 3:44 PM
Joe Biden’s impromptu “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power” remark about the Russian president at a speech in Warsaw last Saturday sparked panic in Washington, with the White House immediately entering damage control to try to “clarify” what Biden actually meant.
'We Refuse to Pay For Their Crisis': Watch Londoners Protest Against Rising Energy Prices
April 2, 2022, 3:18 PM
The protest comes as British households are bracing to see their heating bills go up after the government raised the ceiling price on domestic energy costs.
Days After Imran Khan's Tirade, Pakistan’s Army Chief Sides With US, Slams Russia For Ukraine Op
April 2, 2022, 3:15 PM
It is often said that it is the army that rules the roost in Pakistan and only a leader who has close ties with the country's powerful military establishment can survive in their position for long. This may appear to be true in the case of Imran Khan, who is possibly no longer in the good books of the nation's generals.
Teen's Death in Florida Amusement Park Triggers New TikTok Trend - Media
April 2, 2022, 2:47 PM
The new fad has reportedly been called out by a number of TikTok content creators, one of whom called it “disgusting”.
Blogger Reveals How She Was Used to Create Fake About ‘Russian Air Strike’ on Mariupol Hospital
April 2, 2022, 2:46 PM
Photos snapped by an Associated Press photographer of a pregnant woman at a demolished Mariupol hospital which Western media claimed had been “bombed by Russian forces” spread like wildfire, with US and European officials and media characterising the incident as evidence of Russian “war crimes”. The Russian MoD dismissed the allegations.
London Mayor: Cressida Dick is Quitting Met Police Post Next Week
April 2, 2022, 2:40 PM
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick resigned in February following months of controversies surrounding her tenure, including reports of racism and sexism within the police force.
Pakistan PM Imran Khan Slams US 'Backing Move to Oust Him’ as ‘Blatant Interference'
April 2, 2022, 2:29 PM
Prime Minister Imran Khan faces a no-confidence vote in National Assembly proceedings set for Sunday after the motion was submitted by the opposition parties, including the PML (N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), on 8 March.

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