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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:35 UTC
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Afghanistan quake: Rescuers struggling to reach survivors in Paktika
June 23, 2022, 7:30 AM
Heavy rain, threadbare resources and rugged terrain hamper rescuers after a quake killed 1,000 people.
EU leaders to back Ukraine as candidate at Brussels summit
June 22, 2022, 11:01 PM
A summit on Thursday will give the green light but Kyiv says "real integration" will start after the war.
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall to split - reports
June 22, 2022, 9:56 PM
After six years of marriage, the media tycoon and model will divorce, US media reports.
Sexual harassment at Western Australia mines 'appalling and systemic'
June 23, 2022, 6:41 AM
It has been "generally accepted or overlooked" at sites run by large firms, a landmark report says.
Fears for US woman's life as abortion denied in Malta
June 22, 2022, 3:56 PM
Andrea's pregnancy is no longer viable but doctors cannot intervene unless she goes into labour or develops sepsis.
Uvalde school shooting: Embattled police chief is put on leave
June 23, 2022, 1:18 AM
Pete Arredondo has been blamed for the botched response to the attack which saw 19 children killed.
Maradona: Medical staff to be tried for football legend's death
June 23, 2022, 12:06 AM
A judge orders a culpable homicide trial for eight people, including the footballer's family doctor.
Bodies of murdered priests and tour guide found in Mexico
June 23, 2022, 1:32 AM
Two Jesuit priests were murdered in their church trying to shelter a man hiding from an armed gang.
World Aquatics Championships: US artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez rescued by coach after fainting in pool
June 23, 2022, 5:57 AM
American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez is rescued from the bottom of the pool by her coach after fainting at the World Aquatics Championships.
New Tesla factories losing billions of dollars, Musk says
June 23, 2022, 7:12 AM
Elon Musk said the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai was "very difficult" for the electric car maker.
Ecuador protests: Security concerns after police station attack
June 22, 2022, 7:07 PM
The country's interior minister denounces "radical" activists after the clashes in the town of Puyo.
Kaliningrad row: 'Sanctions have brought my factory to a standstill'
June 22, 2022, 5:40 PM
Sanctions leave Russia's exclave on the EU's borders struggling to trade.
Refugees previously despatched to Rwanda now in Europe
June 22, 2022, 11:17 PM
As the UK presses on with its asylum deal, refugees sent from Israel to Rwanda describe their experiences.
How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans
June 22, 2022, 11:13 PM
Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.
Brics summit: Members push for global clout amid Ukraine war
June 22, 2022, 11:24 PM
Leaders from India, Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa meet amid major shifts in geopolitics.
No easy exit from besieged Ukrainian city
June 22, 2022, 4:00 PM
Inhabitants of the war-torn city take their last chance to flee their homes as the Russians close in.
As audiences return to Glastonbury and other festivals, will they cope?
June 22, 2022, 11:20 PM
After two years of cancellations, music fans could experience a mixture of relief and anxiety.
How Russia has outflanked Ukraine in Africa
June 21, 2022, 11:12 PM
Many African leaders believe that a confrontational stance towards Russia is not in their interest.
Shaye Moss: 'I don't want anyone knowing my name'
June 21, 2022, 9:49 PM
An ex-election worker tells the Capitol riot hearing she lives in fear after being targeted by Trump supporters.
Ankur Warikoo, Rachana Ranade: The YouTubers Indians turn to for financial advice
June 21, 2022, 11:15 PM
Finance YouTubers are riding high as millions turn to them for advice and brands seek collaborations.
The woman who could upend US abortion rights
June 21, 2022, 12:05 PM
Lynn Fitch says she wants to empower women. Her next step is to repeal Roe v Wade.
Supreme Court: What happens if Roe v Wade overturned?
June 21, 2022, 9:47 PM
Abortion restrictions could vary widely by state if the 50-year-old landmark ruling is reversed.
Ukraine war: High school students pose in prom dresses among ruins
June 22, 2022, 11:17 PM
Photographer Stanislav Senyk organised a photo shoot of students in the bombed city of Chernihiv.
Afghanistan rocked by major earthquake

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