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Date: Sun, 8 May 2022 17:56 UTC
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CDC investigating wave of hepatitis cases in kids
May 8, 2022, 5:48 PM
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating a spate of serious hepatitis cases in young children Read Full Article at
World leader and first lady visit Ukraine
May 8, 2022, 4:06 PM
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US First Lady Jill Biden have made separate visits to Ukraine Read Full Article at
Northern Ireland will have nationalist leader for first time in history
May 8, 2022, 3:52 PM
Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein has called for an “honest debate” on the reunification of Ireland following a historic electoral victory Read Full Article at
World risks ‘worst famine since WWII’ – German minister
May 8, 2022, 3:50 PM
Continued conflict in Ukraine could lead to worst hunger since WWII, a German minister has warned Read Full Article at
Ronaldo holds talks with Man Utd icon as exit rumors swirl
May 8, 2022, 3:45 PM
Cristiano Ronaldo has been holding private meetings with former Man United boss Alex Ferguson, as speculation rises about his future Read Full Article at
Country blocking EU ban on Russian oil revealed – media
May 8, 2022, 3:29 PM
The EU has so far been unable to approve a new package of anti-Russia sanctions as Hungary continues to resist oil ban Read Full Article at
EU’s oil embargo may benefit Russia – Swiss analyst
May 8, 2022, 2:51 PM
Swiss analyst Norbert Rucker says the EU oil embargo will only boost Russian revenues by further inflating global prices for crude Read Full Article at
Brazil’s ex-president to challenge ‘criminal’ Bolsonaro
May 8, 2022, 2:32 PM
Brazil’s left-wing former president, Lula de Silva, has announced that he will challenge Jair Bolsonaro in October’s election Read Full Article at
Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’ – MEP
May 8, 2022, 2:11 PM
An embargo on Russian oil will not save any lives in Ukraine, European Parliament member Clare Daly has said Read Full Article at
Khabib hails UFC star after sensational win (VIDEO)
May 8, 2022, 1:25 PM
Khabib Nurmagomedov says Islam Makhachev should be next up for Charles Oliveira after the Brazilian submitted Justin Gaethje in Phoenix Read Full Article at
Americans change habits as fuel costs bite – poll
May 8, 2022, 1:07 PM
Rising fuel costs are forcing a majority of US vehicle owners to change their daily driving habits, the latest poll shows Read Full Article at
Foreign fighters seek ‘adventure’ in Ukraine – captured colonel
May 8, 2022, 1:06 PM
Foreign fighters are joining the Ukrainian military in search of “adventure,” a captured commander of the Kiev marines has said Read Full Article at
Media reveals major flaws in UK housing plan for Ukrainian refugees
May 8, 2022, 12:34 PM
The UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme has apparently let down hundreds of refugees, as well as some sponsors Read Full Article at
Russia's Bivol stuns Canelo in Las Vegas (VIDEO)
May 8, 2022, 11:35 AM
Russia's Dmitry Bivol took the biggest scalp of his career on Saturday night, as he became just the second man to defeat Canelo Alvarez Read Full Article at
Lawmaker takes heat for ‘putting up with racism’ comment
May 8, 2022, 11:05 AM
An Australian senator is accused of “tone deafness” over his “putting up with racism” remarks Read Full Article at
Ukraine's Zelensky praises US, scolds EU
May 8, 2022, 10:38 AM
The US has been the world’s “accelerator” of sanctions against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Read Full Article at
Captured Ukrainian officer labels American Javelins ‘useless’
May 8, 2022, 10:25 AM
A Ukrainian officer says US-made Javelin and UK's NLAW anti-tank systems weren't of much help to his troops during the fighting in Mariupol Read Full Article at
German industry reels from anti-Russian sanctions
May 8, 2022, 10:07 AM
German industrial orders dropped sharply in March as demand slowed due to Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia Read Full Article at
UFC star flatlines Khabib rival with stunning kick (VIDEO)
May 8, 2022, 10:05 AM
UFC contender Michael Chandler scored a sensational knockout of Khabib rival Tony Ferguson at UFC 274 in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday night Read Full Article at

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