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Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2022 11:50 UTC
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Russian Esports Team Disqualified From Dota Tournament for 'Z' Symbol
April 30, 2022, 11:43 AM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian Dota 2 esports team, otherwise known as Outsiders, was disqualified after a player drew the letter "Z," associated with the Russian military operation in Ukraine, on the mini-map during a Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) match, the tournament's organiser announced on Saturday.
Indian Economy Needs at Least 12 Years to Recover From Pandemic: Central Bank Report
April 30, 2022, 11:24 AM
The International Monetary Fund's report released in April forecast India's growth rate for the 2024 Financial Year (FY24) around 6.9 percent. The Reserve Bank of India's monetary policy also said structural models indicated that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in FY24 would be 6.3 percent.
Elon Musk Shuts Down AOC 'Hitting on Him' as She Apparently Takes Dig at Twitter Purchase
April 30, 2022, 11:08 AM
After billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter, some people welcomed the changes as a new hope for free speech; others, however, suggested that the new ownership will mark the beginning of the platform's dark days.
Hannity Bashed ‘Lunatics’ Trying to Overturn 2020 US Election Results Ahead of Capitol Riot: Report
April 30, 2022, 11:07 AM
In early January, the House Select Committee to investigate the 6 January 2021 Capitol Riot requested Sean Hannity's cooperation regarding his knowledge of former President Donald Trump’s thinking and that of his legal team in the months before and after the attack on the meeting place of the US Congress.
Over 50,000 Sign Petition Urging Scholz to Stop Heavy Weapons Supplies to Kiev
April 30, 2022, 10:46 AM
BERLIN (Sputnik) - An online petition calling for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to stop supplying heavy weapons to Kiev has gathered more than 50,000 signatures on the platform in a day.
Turkey Refuses to Participate in NATO Drills Over Disagreements With Greece, Reports Say
April 30, 2022, 10:33 AM
ANKARA (Sputnik) - The Turkish air force refused to take part in NATO's Tiger Meet exercises in Greece due to disagreements with Athens, the Sabah newspaper reported on Saturday.
Johnny Depp's Bodyguard Leaves Courtroom in Stitches With Response to 'Penis Question'
April 30, 2022, 10:33 AM
Three weeks into Depp v Heard defamation trial, the Virginia court has heard about disturbing text messages from Depp, Heard's personality disorders and abuse confessions, along with the infamous bed feces story. And there are three more weeks to go.
Non-Hindi Speakers Should Leave India, Says Uttar Pradesh Minister
April 30, 2022, 10:28 AM
According to the 2011 Census, Hindi is the mother tongue of 44% of Indians, who live mostly in north, central and western states. However, 120 other languages, including tribal ones, are spoken in the country.
Why AG Garland's Reluctance to Tap Special Counsel in Hunter Biden's Case Backfires on Joe
April 30, 2022, 9:47 AM
The more Joe Biden's Justice Department fights against appointing a special counsel in Hunter Biden's case, the more it increases suspicion that the president’s hands may not be clean, noted ex-US federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy in a 28 April op-ed.
Ecuadorian President Declares State of Emergency in 3 Provinces Due to Rising Crime
April 30, 2022, 9:32 AM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared on Saturday a state of emergency in three of the country's provinces amid rising crime.
Railroad Cars With Russian Gas Risk Exploding in Poland Due to Sanctions, Producing Company Says
April 30, 2022, 9:25 AM
WARSAW (Sputnik) - About 500 tank railcars with Russian gas are at risk of explosion in Poland because the transfer of this gas to terminals is complicated by the sanctions imposed by the Polish government on Russian gas producer Novatek's subsidiary, Novatek Green Energy, the company said in a statement.
Gazprom: Russian Gas Transit Through Ukraine Runs in Regular Mode
April 30, 2022, 9:14 AM
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia's Gazprom continues to supply gas for transit through Ukraine in the regular mode and following consumers' demands in the amount of 71.7 million cubic meters per day as of Saturday, the company said.
Pete Davidson Rips Into Kanye West in His First Stand-Up in Three Years
April 30, 2022, 8:46 AM
The King of Staten Island star was not performing at stand-up events during the years of the pandemic.
Experts Warn About Social Unrest Amid Rising Food Prices Due to Conflict in Ukraine
April 30, 2022, 7:44 AM
MOSCOW (Sputnik), Kirill Krasilnikov - The rising food prices spurred by the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Moscow could trigger social unrest in various countries around the world, experts told Sputnik.
Beergate: Labour Admits Starmer's Deputy Attended 'Lockdown-Breaching' Party Gathering Last Year
April 30, 2022, 7:41 AM
Earlier this week, Durham Constabulary pledged to consider a request from Tory MP Richard Holden to launch a full probe into allegations that Labour leader Keir Starmer broke COVID lockdown rules in 2021, when he was filmed having a bottle of beer in the office of City of Durham MP Mary Foy.

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