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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2022 16:36 UTC
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Mariupol steelworks: 'We have wounded and dead inside the bunkers'
April 21, 2022, 10:29 PM
One of the last defenders in Mariupol tells the BBC conditions are dire but they won't surrender.
Mariupol: Satellite images suggest mass graves dug near besieged city
April 21, 2022, 6:43 PM
Satellite images appear to show more than 200 graves, as Ukraine accuses Russia of mass killings.
Ukraine war: Russia 'plans to seize southern Ukraine'
April 22, 2022, 2:49 PM
A senior general says the aim is to open a route into a separatist region of Moldova, Transnistria.
Ukraine war: The Russia I knew no longer exists - Steve Rosenberg
April 22, 2022, 10:08 AM
The BBC's Steve Rosenberg takes in the sites of Moscow apparently distorted by the war against Ukraine.
Afghanistan: Kunduz mosque attacked during Friday prayers
April 22, 2022, 3:50 PM
The deadly explosion comes amid a revival of violence claimed by Islamic State militants.
Mike Tyson punched plane passenger 'after bottle thrown'
April 22, 2022, 3:38 PM
Video shows the former heavyweight boxer repeatedly punching a man in the head.
#JusticeForSheila: Kenyan anger after lesbian's murder
April 22, 2022, 4:23 PM
People in Kenyan are expressing their upset about LGBTQ discrimination after
Shanghai escalates Covid lockdown restrictions
April 22, 2022, 5:27 AM
The latest measures will include placing door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving.
Jerusalem holy site clashes fuel fears of return to war
April 22, 2022, 10:17 AM
Tensions are high following several days of violence in and around the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard face off in court
April 22, 2022, 1:48 AM
Depp says she stubbed a cigarette on his face. The court sees a Depp text saying: "Lets burn Amber!!!"
Mwai Kibaki: Kenya's first opposition president dies aged 90
April 22, 2022, 1:44 PM
Mwai Kibaki ended 40 years of one-party rule but his 2007 re-election sparked nationwide violence.
Ukrainians injured or killed by unexploded ammunition
April 21, 2022, 11:28 PM
Across Ukraine’s Kyiv region, efforts have begun to clear the countless pieces of unexploded ammunition left behind after fierce fighting.
Kenya's Mwai Kibaki: The hope and disappointment
April 22, 2022, 3:09 PM
Ex-Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki is remembered for ending the stranglehold of the former ruling party.
Mariupol: Driving into the 'apocalypse' to save mum and dad
April 22, 2022, 1:29 AM
How a young Ukrainian woman travelled into the besieged city of Mariupol to save her parents.
Africa's week in pictures: 15-21 April 2022
April 22, 2022, 1:11 AM
A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.
Mid-day meal plan struggles to feed India's hungry students
April 22, 2022, 12:11 AM
The world's most ambitious free school food programme resumes post pandemic, but problems remain.
Why Argentina is embracing cryptocurrency
April 21, 2022, 11:09 PM
The nation that has seen economic trauma is open to the possibility of alternative money like Bitcoin.
What weapons has the US given Ukraine - and how much do they help?
April 21, 2022, 7:26 PM
President Biden has announced a new $800m assistance package that includes ammunition and drones.
Ukraine war: Inside Kyiv's trench defences
April 22, 2022, 4:00 PM
Kyiv's defence force remains on high alert, dug into trenches in case of the return of Russian troops.
Khodorkovsky: Oil ban would deal Putin ‘very serious blow’
April 22, 2022, 2:50 PM
Exiled Russian tycoon says oil embargo could halve country’s cash and damage Putin’s war capability.
The German towns in Paraguay with a surge in European immigrants
April 21, 2022, 11:25 PM
Thousands of German nationals have migrated to Paraguay to escape Covid restrictions and immigration in Europe.
France election: What far-right leader Marine Le Pen said before… and now
April 21, 2022, 11:20 PM
Has Marine Le Pen's strong views on immigration, the EU and Nato shifted since the last election?
Imran Khan: Inside the huge rally in Lahore for Pakistan's ousted PM
April 22, 2022, 11:12 AM
The former prime minister's narrative of a US-led conspiracy to oust him is resonating with his supporters.

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