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rocksolid / General / Polling messages more than 10 days

o Polling messages more than 10 daysRetro Guy

Subject: Polling messages more than 10 days
From: Retro Guy
Newsgroups: rocksolid.shared.general
Organization: RetroBBS
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 16:03 UTC
From: (Retro Guy)
To: rocksolid.shared.general
Subject: Polling messages more than 10 days
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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 09:03:29 -0700
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Be default, inn will accept messages up to 10 days old.

I believe you can increase this by changing the following setting (before your first poll).

In /etc/news/inn.conf find:

# Feed Configuration

artcutoff:                   10

Change the '10' to the number of days back you wish to poll.

Retro Guy

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