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Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 20:16 UTC
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F1 chaos: What exactly happened during the crazy closing laps in Abu Dhabi?
December 12, 2021, 8:01 PM
What is being hailed as the most dramatic conclusion to a Formula 1 season in history has left a lot of sports fans scratching their heads, so here is how Max Verstappen squeezed past Lewis Hamilton to claim his first F1 crown. Read Full Article at
F1 officials reject Mercedes title protest
December 12, 2021, 7:10 PM
Formula 1 stewards have rejected protests by Mercedes after their driver Lewis Hamilton lost the world title to Red Bull rival Max Verstappen in controversial circumstances on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Read Full Article at
Newsom cites abortion law as he targets ‘assault weapons’
December 12, 2021, 7:01 PM
California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced a plan to allow private citizens to sue “assault weapon” manufacturers, and claims he is exercising the same legal authority behind Texas’ controversial abortion law. Read Full Article at
New vaccine kills ‘zombie’ cells that cause aging – study
December 12, 2021, 6:21 PM
Japanese scientists have developed a vaccine to target so-called zombie cells that pile up over time and damage healthy cells. These cells are thought to be responsible for a range of age-related ailments, such as heart disease. Read Full Article at
Manchester United hit by Covid outbreak
December 12, 2021, 6:20 PM
Manchester United's upcoming Premier League clash with Brentford has been thrown into jeopardy after reports of a Covid outbreak at Old Trafford. Read Full Article at
Austria ends latest lockdown only for vaxxed residents
December 12, 2021, 6:20 PM
Austrian theaters, restaurants, and other businesses have begun to reopen after Chancellor Karl Nehammer ended a Covid-19 lockdown, but unvaccinated people remain barred from non-essential outings. Read Full Article at
‘Lucky charm’: Stunning F1 princess embraces lover Verstappen after title win
December 12, 2021, 6:13 PM
Brazilian model Kelly Piquet could not hide her joy as she embraced boyfriend Max Verstappen after his stunning victory in Abu Dhabi, where he overtook rival Lewis Hamilton on the last lap to seal the Formula 1 world title. Read Full Article at
UK raises Covid alert level
December 12, 2021, 6:11 PM
The UK has raised its Covid alert level from three to four – its second-highest – as transmission of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus “is high or rising exponentially.” Read Full Article at
Kentucky governor discloses real scale of tornado tragedy
December 12, 2021, 5:36 PM
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear called this weekend’s deadly tornado the “worst” the state had ever seen, saying it had “leveled” entire towns and predicting a rising death toll, with thousands still missing or without power. Read Full Article at
Trump reveals he gave Kim an actual ‘Rocket Man’ gift
December 12, 2021, 5:26 PM
Former US president Donald Trump has claimed he played Elton John’s song “Rocket Man” to Kim Jong-un and presented the North Korean leader with a cassette of the hit during one of their meetings. Read Full Article at
Killer tornadoes ‘our new normal’ thanks to climate change, says disaster agency
December 12, 2021, 5:12 PM
The devastating tornado cluster that flattened hundreds of miles across four midwestern states “is going to be our new normal” in the era of climate change, a US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) rep has claimed. Read Full Article at
F1 fans claim Schumacher conspiracy as Hamilton beaten to title (VIDEO)
December 12, 2021, 5:10 PM
F1 fans have gone into conspiracy mode by claiming that the son of Michael Schumacher played a huge part in Max Verstappen's thrilling championship win over Lewis Hamilton. Read Full Article at
‘Unacceptable’: Mercedes file protest amid outrage over Verstappen F1 title win
December 12, 2021, 4:45 PM
It was one of the most dramatic finishes to a Formula 1 season ever but Max Verstappen's astonishing last-lap victory against reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi has left a bad taste in the mouths of some fans. Read Full Article at
Are you ready for nuclear war?
December 12, 2021, 4:37 PM
While the ongoing Ukraine war scare has brought Europe to the brink of crisis, at the same time, it has given rise to modest, but promising, hope that there could be a revival in diplomacy and negotiations between great powers. Read Full Article at
Germany star Kimmich ‘expresses regret’ as he reverses Covid vaccine stance
December 12, 2021, 4:23 PM
Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich has relented in his opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine as he pledged to take the jab as soon as possible after experiencing lung problems following a positive test for the virus. Read Full Article at
Scottish government under fire for asking kids about ‘anal sex’
December 12, 2021, 4:11 PM
Scotland’s privacy regulators are investigating a government census asking children as young as 14 a range of intimate questions about their sex lives, including whether they’ve ever had anal sex. Read Full Article at

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