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From: (Retro Guy)
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Subject: rslight-0.6.5f
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 09:09:43 +0000
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 by: Retro Guy - Sat, 15 Aug 2020 09:09 UTC

Version 0.6.5f of rslight is now available for download.

This is the last version in 0.6.5. Only major bugs will be fixed if found, but let's hope there isn't much of that :) All my sites currently run 0.6.5f, and have for a short while. Hopefully, I'll notice any serious issues. Bug fixes will stay in 0.6.5g,h...

I'm working on 0.6.6 now in a separate tree, and plan to introduce new options/features over time:

I've now added the option for encrypted connections from server to server (rslight to whatever server or other instance). I'm still adding config for this, but it's working fine. This allows all data to pass through whatever network encrypted (duh).

Cleaning up the "standalone" ability of rslight. Not that it was written to be a standalone forum, but it can be, so I want it to handle that simply.

I also plan to eventually include the ability to configure the site using a browser instead of only editing text files, which is how it works now. This will take some time, but I hope to release this also in 0.6.6.

Messing around with the ability to message/mail users from one rslight site to another, or on the same site. This is one reason I wanted encrypted connections before moving on to things like this. If I move forward with this, it will probably replace the current same site encrypted user to user encryption.

The above features are all for 0.6.6. If you notice a major issue in 0.6.5f, please let me know.

Retro Guy

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