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Re: 1st message
From: anonymous@def2.anon (anonymous)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.programming
Subject: Re: 1st message
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 02:43:22 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: def2org
Message-ID: <2cc4efa8d28182b1c8fbe1135cca2092$1@def2.i2p>
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 by: anonymous - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 02:43 UTC

anonymous wrote:

> yeah, seen on def2, although the group does not show in the frame on the
> left.
> Posted on def2

It's there now. The group list is cached for a while. To force it to
rewrite it immediately, del groups.dat in the spool directory.

Posted on def2


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