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o FAQ Multics General (short)Tom Van Vleck

FAQ Multics General (short)


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From: (Tom Van Vleck)
Newsgroups: alt.os.multics
Subject: FAQ Multics General (short)
Date: 1 Dec 2021 5:40:00 -0600
Organization: Multicians
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Summary: General information about the Multics operating system.
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 by: Tom Van Vleck - Wed, 1 Dec 2021 11:40 UTC

archive-name: multics/general
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Please post updates to alt.os.multics or mail to <>
Q) What is the purpose of alt.os.multics?
A) This group is for the discussion of the Multics operating
system. Discussion sometimes strays to other topics of
interest to Multicians, e.g.
- Honeywell hardware architecture
- CTSS, DTSS and other ancestors
- Honeywell management mistakes and if-onlys
- PRIMOS, GCOS Timesharing, UNIX, and other cousins
and descendants
For discussions of the history of other operating
systems, try alt.folklore.computers or the groups
dedicated to these systems.

alt.os.multics is a public unmoderated newsgroup with an
estimated readership of thousands. If you have a comment
of limited interest, please use e-mail instead.
Q) How can I view alt.os.multics via the web?
A) View and then enter alt.os.multics
in the top search box and return. You may wish to sort by date.
Q) What other sources are available on-line to find out more
about Multics?
A1) There is a large set of Multics Web pages available at
including History, People, Sites, bibliography, the 250K
Multics Glossary, papers, stories, and pictures of
Multicians and 6180s. There are 298 HTML pages
comprising over 1,000,000 lines and 512 graphic images.

A2) There is a closed mailing list for Multicians.
It currently has 157 members.
Apply at with a description
of your contribution to Multics.

A3) There is a large collection of scanned Multics manuals online
provided by Al Kossow at

A4) The LinkedIn group "multicians" has been set up for Multicians
who use the LinkedIn social networking site.
It currently has 293 members.
To join it, send mail to the editor.

A5) There is a "fan page" for Multics on Facebook, open to
any Facebook user.
It currently has 433 fans.

A6) Open Source for Multics is hosted at MIT, courtesy of Bull HN. It
is available "for any purpose and without fee" provided that the
copyright notice and historical background are preserved in all

A7) Harry Reed's Multics system simulator is available for download.
It can boot Multics MR 12.5; you can log in, compile PL/I programs, etc.


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