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EnPronoun Module of the AGI Breakthrough


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 by: A.T. Murray - Fri, 26 May 2023 01:24 UTC

When we see Elon "Kitchen Sink" Musk help a fascist like Ron "Benito" DeSantis announce his candidacy for president of the U.S. of A, we see a bleak post-Biden future and we would rather be dead than live through it. DeSantis and his Clara Petacci will perhaps one day be hanging upside down in a public square, but meanwhile America will lie in smoldering ruins. O tempora, O morons!

Seeing Sam "Open AI" Altman testifying before Congress about the dangers of AI and pulling his punches for fear of sounding too crazy and too alarmist, we know from Twitter threads like

that Alt Man Sam is aware of Mentifex AI. He may not be aware, until now, that Mentifex here applied to work at Open AI back in July of 2016 (seven years ago) not with a desire to actually work at OpenAI but rather with a wish to share the Mentifex AGI Breakthrough with the personnel at OpenAI.

An e-mail from in July 2016 thanked me for my "interest in OpenAI" and another e-mail in August of 2016 from invited me to "please feel welcome to reach out again in six months."

When I was in graduate school at U Cal Berkeley, I told my landlady that I was going to visit San Francisco and walk all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. She volunteered to drive me over and wait while I trekked the bridge, and so it happened. When the OpenAI entrepreneurs drive up to Sausalito or Napa or San Quentin to visit Donald Trump, they are welcome to visualize Mentifex walking first north and then south across the Golden Gate Bridge.

But that nostalgia is all ancient history.
Today we have released our TikTok AI video #64 at

which describes the -- mind module as follows.

"Our Standard Model of AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, has made it possible to create AGI Minds that think and converse in English, or German, or Russian, or Latin. When an AGI Mind is conversing with us in English, it uses the English pronoun module EnPronoun to keep from saying the fuil name of something over and over. Instead, EnPronoun replaces a noun in conversation with a pronoun like 'he' or 'she' or 'it.' There are also relative pronouns such as we use when we say that these AGI Minds were created by Arthur Murray, _who_ served in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist. If you embark upon a career as an AI Mind Maintainer, you will watch for the correct usage of pronouns by AGI Minds."

For more discussion entertain the ideas of the AI experts. -- calls Twitter a time drain; -- a known trafficker in ideas; -- tweets about Mentif*x; -- Lasciate Ogni Speranza.


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