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From: (NIKTA.F)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.shared.encryption
Subject: SERO UBS 2.0 UPGRADE!!
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 14:16:55 +0000
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 by: NIKTA.F - Sun, 16 May 2021 14:16 UTC

Dear readers,

Here we would like to say congratulate and thank you to all Sero UBS players, for that we witnessed the vigorous development of UBS together since the birth of UBS more than one year ago.

As an anonymous development team for UBS, We have also been silently monitoring the development of UBS and SERO public chain for more than a year. Knowing that the Sero link is about to upgrade to version 2.0, we feel very excited. Based on the powerful technical capabilities to be implemented in Sero public chain 2.0 including prophecy machines, parallel chains, high TPS, our team is also planning for UBS’s future development which we may call UBS Defi closed-loop ecological plan or UBS 2.0 plan for the time being. We consider dividing the UBS into two aspects: technical route and community governance route. As regards the technical route of the UBS 2.0 plan, the following are planned:

1-1 As SERO 2.0 parallel chain functions are implemented, we will upgrade UBS from a DAPP to a application chain on the main chain of SERO (similar to DOT parallel chain technology). When UBS upgrade into a SERO application chain, it will have the same powerful high TPS as the SERO main chain and achieve unlimited expansion of a lot of technical functions in the future.

1-2 We all know that Defi has rise strongly in the block chain application scenario in 2020, and as the SERO 2.0 technology upgrade is about to be completed, we have decided to adapt to the trend and are now fully planning and developing a series of UBS Defi ecology, such as DEX, lending, insurance, income aggregator and so on. Our aim is to make UBS a closed-loop decentralized financial platform, which is expected. Of course, all accounts that want to participate in UBS series of ecology must be subject to UBS accounts and will remain linked to UBS accounts in the new ecology!

1-3 With the SERO 2.0 upgrade, we will add the mechanism of issuing UBS platform token coins, which are tentatively named UBSC. UBSC will be the only token coins for UBS series and we are designing the most cutting-edge, the most reasonable and reliable distribution mechanism and economic model for UBSC. Currently, the issuing mode for UBSC that we have initially designed will include: some will be issued automatically in proportion to the investment in UBS; some will be issued through participation in DEX liquidity mining; some will be issued as interest through participation in Defi; some will be issued when UBSC reaches a certain price height; others will be reserved or the UBS foundation and distributed in linear as time being. UBSC economic models includes: it can be used as the principal amount for UBS full range of ecological (DEX and other Defi) mining or borrowing, then the pledge will yield high interest income; Can be used as a UBS series of ecological voting governance; Can participate in UBSC automatic market-making mechanism; Regular repurchase of DEX profits; UBS Foundation profits automatically repurchase on regularly basis and so on.

Let us share some of our ideas and plans for UBS ecological communities! Although we are the anonymous developers and for some reason we have been participating in the industry anonymously but we are also big fan for Satoshi Nakamoto. We know ourselves, we're not good at dealing with people, we' re just a bunch of tech geeks who love computers, finance, and the infinite future of blockchain, but we've developed several other projects and achieved something before we developed UBS. We only noticed the SERO public chain by chance, and soon decided to develop a Defi ecology on this world's first private public chain, so we had the UBS. When we hosted UBS open source in github and get it chained on gitee on February 02, 2020, we are pleased to see that the volume of UBS locking has been increasing and outputting value for SERO common chain consensus. We believe that behind such gratifying data, there must be one or more core teams operating in service UBS. Now under your careful operation, UBS is getting better and better, and there is a possibility of unlimited development in the future. To support the long-term operational development of UBS core communities, we have came out the f
ollowing plans for its governance:

2-1 We will develop a dedicated DAPP for UBS core community members that we can call the "UBS Foundation" DAPP, which runs on the SERO public chain just like UBS, with its front-end entry address We also hope that you can set up a UBS community foundation in the real world and hope that the DAPP we have developed will be at your service. In a word, the role and purpose of the "UBS Foundation" DAPP is to pool the core strengths of the UBS community, set up a UBS foundation and create a decentralized foundation governance that allows all foundation members to initiate or participate in the foundation governance vote. All members will receive regular foundation dividends according to their shares of the foundation. DAPP will have three functions: weight, governance, dividends. Currently only weight function is available, the other two functions will be completed along with the SERO 2.0 development. As for how to get weighted shares, participate in governance, or receive dividends, please log in DAPP to check the rules.

2-2 We have adjusted the entitled shares for original developer from 6% of to 4%, so the 2% shares will be allocated to the UBS Foundation, once the function is online, with the UBS contract being triggered every day, the shares will automatically transfer to the Foundation dividend pool.

As conclusion, all the main contents of the UBS 2.0 plan have been outlined as above, please also follow our posts on the forum before the SERO 2.0 launch. We will release UBS 2.0 white paper with detail for all the technical development content logic mentioned so far. At the same time, we are also considering establishing a way to communicate with UBS core community members on an anonymous social platform. Anyway, please keep an eye on us!
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