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Subject: Re: newsportal code
From: Retro (Retro Guy)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.programming
Organization: rslight Debian test site
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 10:58 UTC
From: Retro (Retro Guy)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.programming
Subject: Re: newsportal code
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 10:58 UTC
Organization: rslight Debian test site
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Retro Guy wrote:

  To: Anonymous
Anonymous wrote:

and also not think it has an attachment if it does not (it checks that something is really there).

this caused the sync routine for vichan to hang on several messages (older ones from /ts), where there was a mime attachment announced, but then wasn't there.

This hopefully is solved in the latest file. You can see in rslight when an attachment is announced, but doesn't really exist (it says 'Attachments: (text/plain)', but nothing to click on. Once I finished the mod, this isn't happening as no attachment is announced.

I've just made a minor change in message_parse that may be of interest to you. Note: I have uploaded the new to my download site.

rslight checks attachment mime-type by checking the actual file, not depending on the file extension (this is safer), but was not doing that for inline attachments. This mod changes from checking file extension to checking the file itself.

The latest file available for download contains this change, but you must add the below function for it to call. I don't put it in the file because I have it in newsportal.php, but you'll need it in your script so you can use it:

function get_mimetype_by_string($filedata) {
  $f = finfo_open();
  return finfo_buffer($f, $filedata, FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);

This simply receives the uudecoded data, and returns the mimetype. You really want to be displaying to users the accurate mime-type, not just based on whatever extension the file has.

Retro Guy

Posted on: rslight Debian test site

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